Seam Closer Machine

Seam Closer Machine

  • Sente Machine

Product Properties

This machine is designed to seam the rectangular ducts, square ducts . The machine can make both rectangular and square form clamps. The clamps are formed in three stages. Firstly it is roll formed to both sheets at the front bending. Secondly conjunction of the sheets is obtained and lastly the clamp is made. Besides silent operation of the machine, it is easy to use and economical with its output and energy-saving features. Among the similar machines with its clamp (seaming) type it is tighter and has less air leakage. It has got special roller lifts, which are highly resistant to friction and break downs.

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  • Skills:

    • POWER : 3 KW
    • VOLTAGE : 380-400 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 3 phase
    • WORKING SPEED : 9 m/min
    • WEIGHT : 640 kg