Auto Duct Former Machine

Auto Duct Former Machine

  • Sente Machine

Product Properties

Our machine is designed, to produce duct by bending and cutting the rolled sheet in the desired dimensions. In order to carry out the same production you need to have separate machines and more personnel. Thanks to this machine that you can make a quick, precise and cost-effective production within a less room and personnel. Our machine prevents sheet waste and recover your loss nearly up to %20.These production conditions will allow you to make profit in a short term, increase your market share with guaranteed goods.

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  • Skills:

    • POWER : 2,2 KW
    • VOLTAGE : 220 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1 phase
    • LUBRICATION : Automatic
    • FEEDING SPEED : 4 mt/min
    • MIN. DUCT SIZE : Min. 125x125 mm
    • WORKING SPEED : 250 x 250 mm Duct Production Rate 1,10 min/units
    • AVG. PRODUCTION CAPACITY : 800 m2/ day (8 time)
    • DUCT TYPE : flat Sheet " L,U and Full Duct"
    • LOCK TYPE : Pittsburgh, Snaplock, Nulock
    • WEIGHT : 3360 kg (3 rolls with opener)
    • DESIGN CYLINDER : Z Design
    • OPTIONS : Trapezoid Design, Automatic Labelling, U Bead Design, Sente Form