ADF Line With Notching System

ADF Line With Notching System

  • Sente Machine

Product Properties

This machine and Auto Duct Forming machine has the same characteristics. In addition; it makes needed perspectives to produce S&Drive ducts. Auto duct forming machine with notching system has a punch system more than a standard Auto Duct Forming Machine. The Machine can be arranged for both sparking flange and self flange. This unit is designed with hydraulic cylinders (two cylinders on one side, two cylinders are on the other side) it perforates appropriate thin plate to the twist point in desired coordinates (dimensions entered from touch screen). Notching stations can be adapted manually at the side of right and left according to width of sheet .Punch dimensions can be changed for different flanges.

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  • Skills:

    • POWER : 4,4 KW
    • VOLTAGE : 380-400 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 3 phase
    • LUBRICATION : Automatic
    • FEEDING SPEED : 4 mt/min
    • MIN. DUCT SIZE : Min. 125x125 mm
    • WORKING SPEED : 250 x 250 mm Duct Production Rate 1,10 min/units
    • AVG. PRODUCTION CAPACITY : 800 m2/ day (8 time)
    • DUCT TYPE : flat Sheet " L,U and Full Duct"
    • LOCK TYPE : Pittsburgh, Snaplock, Nulock
    • WEIGHT : 3610 kg
    • DESIGN CYLINDER : Z Design
    • OPTIONS : Trapezoid Design, Automatic Labelling, U Bead Design, Sente Form