Elbow Maker Machine

Elbow Maker Machine

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Product Properties

This machine allows you to make the fittings (elbows) which you cut in the plasma cutter machine. By using this machine you can save time and man power up to %80. It allows you to use 1,2 mm. thickness of sheet in order to make fittings, reductions and end plates. There are 2 working stations on the machine;

1- Flanging stations (single –double).

2- Seaming (clamping) station (to finish the fittings)

Two stations let the operators to work at the same time which allows you to save production time. Working speed on each station can be increased or decreased, depending on the operator’s ability. It is simple and easy to operate the machine. It is designed for the professional work shops and factories. You can easily change the diameters of the fittings in a very short time.


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  • Skills:

    • POWER : 4 KW
    • AIR CONSUMPTION : 9 L/dk
    • WORKING RANGE : Ø 125 mm - Ø 1250 mm
    • PRODUCTION TIME : Ø 200 mm 90º 4 piece 2 minutes for the elbow.
    • SHEET THICKNESS : 0,5 mm - 1 mm