Tube Former With Slitter Full Machine

Tube Former With Slitter Full Machine

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Product Properties

Tube former machine is designed, to produce duct in desired diameter and length. The machine is more economic and easy to operate than the others. It has a high quality seaming process. Alternative to standard diameters, it is possible to produce endless pipe in different dimensions. Manufactured ducts fulfill the requirements for Eurovent and Smacna.Cutting Process is made by knife (Slitter). Cutting -unit is driven pneumatically. Forming and seaming is designed mechanically by the rollers. Cooling liquid is used during the seaming process.

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"Product Patented"
Patented no : 2014/10235-P

Tube Former With Slitter Production Data Table
Ø 100 0,5 mm 15,00 mt/min
Ø 500 0,7 mm 3,00 mt/min
Ø 1250 1 mm 1,20 mt/min
  • Skills:

    • POWER : 10 KW
    • OPERATING RANGE : Ø100 mm - Ø1250 mm
    • MAX. WORKING SPEED : 4 - 39 m/min
    • SHEET WIDTH : 137 mm
    • STANDARD SHEET SIZES : Ø100, Ø125, Ø150, Ø160, Ø180, Ø200, Ø224, Ø250, Ø280, Ø300, Ø315, Ø355, Ø400, Ø450, Ø500, Ø560, Ø600, Ø630, Ø710, Ø800, Ø900, Ø1000, Ø1120, Ø1250